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Hello! I'm Minhazul Islam, a standout professional in Bangladesh, holds a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from AIUB with a notable CGPA of 3.50. Academic achievements include a thesis on "Business Process Re-engineering on Bangladesh Traffic System" and diverse software and web development projects. With 108 certificates from Coursera, including CCNA and Red Hat Certified System Administrator, I've blended theoretical and practical expertise. Interning at IPDC Finance Ltd, I transitioned to roles at Ecomclips Limited and Fireworks Communication and Consultancy Limited. At Ecomclips, I served as an IT Executive and Project Manager, focusing on e-commerce website development. At Fireworks, I contributed as an IT Executive and SEO Expert, enhancing online presence and infrastructure management. Currently, as a Business Development Executive at PPC Rockers, I manage website maintenance, new landing pages, client engagement, and advertising on platforms like Google, Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Proficiently using tools like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Pixels, and Facebook Ad Manager. Despite my engineering background, I've ventured into Digital Marketing, SEO, and Digital Advertising. Passionate about technology, I stay updated through books and tech podcasts. My goal is to become a leading Digital Marketer and SEO Expert, laying the groundwork for entrepreneurial endeavors.


My Services

Web Development

Developing and Maintaining websites using raw code and different CMS. It includes Web design, Web programming, Web publishing and Database management.

SEO Expertise

Improving website's visibility in search results by Analyzing, Reviewing, and Implementing changes to websites to improve their Search Engine Rankings and getting Organic Traffic.

System Administration

Completed CCNA from Cisco and Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) from RedHat to help managing systems with Software, Hardware, Servers or Workstations.

My Skills

My creative skills & experiences

My major accomplishment is I’ve developed a featureful web-based application for a giant financial company that they are currently using. It has solved many of their vital problems. I've also developed 2 e-Commerce business websites for foreign companies while working in my first office using Shopify & WordPress. There is a total of 8 featureful websites and web-based applications under my belt using HTML, CSS, PHP & JavaScript. I’ve developed 3 desktop software using JAVA and C#. I’ve also developed 2 business websites using WordPress. Right now, there are 2 websites is on the process to develop. I’m learning Python for my future works. Also, I have CCNA certification from CISCO and Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) from Linux.

SEO Expertise 95%
PHP 90%
JavaScript 85%
MySQL 75%
WordPress 95%
Shopify 90%
Other CMS 85%

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Minhazul Islam
House: 319/B-9, Senpara, Mirpur-10, Dhaka.
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